Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What style of martial art will I learn?


A: You will learn Choi Kwang-Do, a revolutionary martial art and exercise programme developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi 9th Degree Black Belt. For nearly 5 decades, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi has been studying and teaching martial arts and developed Choi Kwang-Do between 1978 and 1987. The martial art is founded on the principle that self defence techniques should: generate maximum force, be practical and easy to learn, enhance your health as you practise, as well as develop physical and mental conditioning. For more information on CKD and Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi please visit our international website


Q: When you say Choi Kwang Do is 'scientifically designed', what exactly do you mean?


A: When developing CKD, Grandmaster Choi worked alongside experts in the fields of human anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology, neurophysiology and biomechanics. These are sciences that understand various parts of the  human body, how they work and how they relate to one another. Grandmaster Choi then devised the martial art techniques and drills based upon his findings from these sciences. The unique method of blocking, punching, striking and kicking in CKD are easy to learn and enable practitioners to generate tremendous power for self defence, while reducing the risk of stressful hyper-extension injury to their joints. Regular practise of the CKD techniques and drills exercises the whole body and will improve your strength, flexibility, co-ordination and agility without having to supplement your training at the gym (unless desired). This is why CKD is called The Martial Art For Life.


Q: I've never studied martial arts before. Will this be a problem?


Q: I already have martial arts experience. Will this be a problem?


A: All students take an Introductory Lesson specifically designed to introduce new students to the unique concepts of CKD. You will be taught by a Black Belt Head Instructor who will modify your lesson based upon your personal needs and experience, whether you are a complete beginner or already have experience in the martial arts.

Q: I've haven't taken part in physical activity for some time. Do I need to be fit to take part in CKD?


A: Part of the philosophy of CKD is that martial art training should promote optimum health and well-being leading to a happier, healthier and more productive life. You do not need to be fit before starting CKD. However, you will become fitter as a natural result of CKD training! All students are encouraged to work at their own preferred pace and intensity in class.



Q: I'm worried about getting injured. Is CKD safe?


A: Yes! CKD is one of the safest martial arts you will find because it is non-contact and non-competitive. Experience shows that most students rarely get injured during class. Despite our low injury rate, student safety is still very important and certain drills require students to wear mandatory protective equipment. You will also be instructed in the correct way to train with a partner and how to use equipment safely.


Q: Is CKD suitable for women?


A: Yes! CKD is based mainly on the development of powerful striking skills. This is because an attacker may be larger than you meaning your ability to wrestle with them may be limited to strength alone. In terms of self defence, awareness and avoidance are paramount. However, if you have to use your defensive skills, the powerful striking techniques will enable you stun or stop an attacker, even as a smaller person. This makes CKD particularly suitable for women and children.



Q: How much do CKD lessons cost?


A: Tuition fees for CKD are paid monthly and range from £5 - £10 per class dependent upon the age of the student and the number of classes taken per week. Discounts are also available for advance payments and family groups. Full details of tuition fees and how to enrol will be provided after your Introductory Lesson.

Q: If CKD is a non-contact and non-competitive martial art, how do you train for self defence?


A: When training with a partner, our unique system of progressive Defence Drills enable you to develop the confidence to use your skills in a safe and structured way. Whilst no contact is made to another student when punching or kicking, contact can be made when blocking to develop reactions and condition an unconscious, automatic response for self defence. All students wear protective equipment when practising these drills and begin by training with the attitude of co-operation rather than competition. To compliment Defence Drills, CKD classes make extensive use of striking pads as a safe and effective method of developing power.


Q: I've always dreamed about becoming a black belt! How long will this take me in Choi Kwang-Do?


A: Most of our students achieve their black belts in 3½ to 5 years, and the best place to start is by taking a Free Trial. As a Black Belt School we are committed to helping all of our students achieve the coveted rank of Black Belt, and instil the attitude of personal excellence both in the martial arts and in their respective lives.


Q: CKD sounds really interesting! How can I get started?


A: We have martial arts classes for children and adults in Ealing, West London. Register for a free trial today and one of our team will help you arrange your first lesson.