Choi Kwang-Do

We teach Choi Kwang-Do: a revolutionary martial arts training programme designed to improve your health and provide you with practical self defence skills

Choi Kwang-Do is based on modern scientific principles from human anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology, neurophysiology and biomechanics. As a result, the unique blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques are easy to learn and will enable you to generate explosive power for self defence whilst also reducing the risk of stressful hyper-extension injury to your joints.


Choi Kwang-Do was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi 9th Degree Black Belt. For nearly 5 decades, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi has been studying and teaching martial arts and he developed Choi Kwang-Do between 1978 and 1987.

The martial art is founded on the principle that self defence techniques should:


  1. Generate maximum force.

  2. Be practical and easy to learn.

  3. Enhance your health as you practise.

  4. Develop physical and mental conditioning.


Our school, Ealing Choi Kwang-Do, is committed to one goal: to help others - children and adults - enjoy the unique physical and mental benefits that Choi Kwang-Do provides leading to happier, healthier and more productive lives.

We aim to do this by providing:


  1. Quality tuition of Choi Kwang-Do in a safe and positive learning environment.

  2. A high level of student service.

  3. Information and resources to support the learning experience. 


Distinctly different from 'traditional' martial arts in many ways, Choi Kwang-Do is a perfect blend of modern scientific principles and traditional martial arts values, designed for the present day.

What does this mean for you?


This means that when you join our school, you can feel comfortable knowing that Choi Kwang-Do will exercise your entire body, improve your mental and physical fitness, while maximising your body's force producing capabilities for self defence. The learning outcomes have been optimised to produce benefits in the most efficient way possible, with the well-being of the practitioner in mind…you!


Contact us today to request your free trial and our instructors can help you experience the benefits of Choi Kwang-Do for yourself.

Perform stretches to improve and maintain your flexibility, posture and range of joint movement.

Learn the unique blocking, punching, striking and kicking Choi Kwang-Do techniques. These are designed to 'follow through’ the target to optimise power and efficiency, but without ‘locking’ the joints which reduces the risk of injury.

Practise sequences of Choi Kwang-Do techniques at a steady pace to stimulate your brain, while improving your co-ordination and balance through gentle aerobic exercise. Practise at speed in short burst of anaerobic activity to develop agility and dynamic performance.

Develop practical self-defence skills in non-contact, non-competitive Defence Drills. Close Range Defence Drills will teach you how to break away from situations where you may be held or restrained.

Practise Choi Kwang-Do punching, striking and kicking techniques on focus mitts or strike shields to improve your endurance, power for impact and for an unbeatable, stress-relieving workout.

"Since starting Choi Kwang-Do I have benefited both physically and mentally. Choi Kwang-Do has increased my confidence and self-awareness in a positive way; I now feel empowered personally and professionally. Choi Kwang-Do is physically demanding but hugely exhilarating, especially when you finally manage that difficult kick, punch or defence technique. It helps to engender respect, emotional integrity and physical well being, without being ultra competitive. Everyone can progress at their own time in a safe, secure environment. Fab!"


Hilda Browne - Security Administrator

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