Classes for Children

Our children's classes are a great place for children to learn martial arts in a safe and structured environment, building their confidence for the future

Confidence arises from an enhanced feeling of competence, and because Choi Kwang-Do classes are non-competitive, your child will find it easy to learn new self defence skills that will boost their confidence.

As their confidence improves, their ability to make positive choices and learn new skills will also improve. Confidence is the vital ingredient which will enable your child to handle the many challenges life will present them every day, such as deciding on appropriate behaviour, dealing with bullies or making friends.

In addition, our belt rank system will increase your child's focus and encourage self-discipline by giving them positive goals for continued physical and mental development. Our students know they are expected to behave at home and at school in order to progress to the next belt rank. 

As they progress through the ranks towards their goal to become a Black Belt, not only do they enjoy a sense of pride and achievement, they also instil successful patterns of thought and behaviour. 

Choi Kwang-Do techniques are designed to work in harmony with the human body, so you can feel comfortable knowing your child is developing the habit of regular exercise, using movements that are gentle on their developing bodies.

When you enrol your child at our school, you'll be giving them a place where they can develop the positive attitude and character that will give them the best possible start in life, all in a safe and fun environment.


"I visited Ealing Choi Kwang-Do around six or seven years ago with the express intention of involving my children and engaging in a sporting activity which involves cardio fitness but engenders confidence in a team, disciplined environment.  The school has become an integral part of our lives – and my husband and sister and I joined too!


I cannot extol the virtues of Ealing Choi Kwang-Do enough: it is led by the modest but hugely impressive Master Wright who engenders a nurturing leadership style that ensures is students flourish with confidence and ability (I have seen my shy boys grow up to be commendable Junior Leaders) – and of course manifestly increases your fitness (mental and physical). Ealing Choi Kwang-Do is light years ahead of any other extra circular activity we engage in. Given the huge all round benefits, I strongly believe Choi Kwang-Do should be incorporated into the National Curriculum!"


Sangita Shah - Board Director