Classes for Adults

Adults training in our classes share a common goal: to enjoy a healthy activity which improves their body and mind, in a positive atmosphere

Physical activity has many proven benefits for both the body and mind. This is great news if you are currently exercising, but what if you're not? How do you imagine yourself in five, ten or even twenty years' time having taken no exercise at all?


Modern lifestyles mean that we are not as physically active as we used to be. Sooner or later it's good to take responsibility for your health and start some form of exercise.

Why not start Choi Kwang Do?


Our adult classes will help you become more active, lose weight, feel healthier and relieve stress - all while learning valuable, life-saving self defence skills. 


Gentle stretching for mobility and flexibility, striking pads and shields to build muscle tone and strength, plus many other training drills designed to enhance your health and well-being in fun, challenging and exciting classes. 

In addition, by practising Choi Kwang-Do's unique system of non-contact, non-competitive drills, you can develop your self defence skills in a safe and structured way. 

While great for your health, Choi Kwang-Do is more than just physical exercise. Specific drills use both sides of the body involving the eyes, hands and feet in combinations of co-ordinated movements. As well as improving balance and motor skills, these types of movements activate and stimulate both sides of your brain in a natural way, complementing the physical components.

We welcome complete beginners who are new to martial arts, and our friendly classes maintain a spirit of co-operation where all students share the common goal of self-improvement - the perfect place for you to start developing your physical and mental skills.


​"I joined because my life and my lifestyle was causing me to be quite stressed and I wanted a form of exercise which would help me to de-stress. I had experienced and enjoyed martial arts before and knew that it was the only type of exercise that I had a hope of sticking to.


There are several things I enjoy about Choi Kwang-Do. I enjoy the mental and physical exercise. I like the fact that it is a martial art with a distinct difference; it allows you to work hard without putting undue stress on the joints. I like the progression and challenge of training towards each belt and trying to perfect the moves as far as I can. Last, but certainly not least, I enjoy the community; Choi Kwang-Do draws a good crowd of fun, decent individuals and I've made a lot of friends. 


I've been doing Choi Kwang-Do for 1 1/2 years now and it is already an important part of my life. It keeps me feeling fit and healthy in mind as much as in body. I rarely miss a class. Thank you Master Wright and thank you Choi Kwang-Do."


Sarah Hall - Writer