Martial arts, health and fitness, self defence classes for children and adults in Ealing, West London

"Discover The Benefits Of A Revolutionary, Life-Enhancing Martial Arts Programme."

Are You Looking For An Enjoyable Activity To Develop Your Body And Mind?

As we all know, regular exercise is highly recommended as part of a happy, healthy and productive life. While different types of exercise promote different benefits, you may also be aware that martial arts are a great way to exercise your body and mind and learn valuable self defence skills.

  • How much more confident would you be if you had the skills to look after yourself?
  • How much better would you feel if you knew you were taking care of your health?
  • How good would it be if you could take part in an activity and experience both of these feelings at the same time?

While you consider your answers to these questions, you may be wondering if there is such an activity?

Well, there is...

Welcome To Choi Kwang-Do: 'The Martial Art For Life'

Choi Kwang-Do is a revolutionary martial arts and exercise programme designed to improve your health and provide you with practical self defence skills. One of the things that makes Choi Kwang-Do unique is that the techniques have been scientifically designed to work in harmony with the human body making them easy to learn and effective to use.


Choi Kwang-Do was developed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi 9th Degree Black Belt. For nearly 5 decades, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi has been studying and teaching martial arts and developed Choi Kwang-Do between 1978 and 1987. The martial art is founded on the principle that self defence techniques should generate maximum force, be practical and easy to learn, enhance your health as you practise, as well as develop physical and mental conditioning. Distinctly different from 'traditional' martial arts in many ways, Choi Kwang-Do is a perfect blend of modern scientific principles and traditional martial arts values designed for the present day.


What Does This Mean For You?

Choi Kwang-Do is based on modern scientific principles from human anatomy, physiology, psychology, kinesiology, neurophysiology and biomechanics. As a result, the unique blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques are easy to learn and will enable you to generate explosive power for self defence and reduce the risk of stressful hyper-extension injury to your joints.


This means that you can feel comfortable knowing that Choi Kwang-Do will exercise your entire body, improve your health and fitness while maximising your body's force producing capabilities for self defence. What you will learn has been optimised to produce benefits in the most efficient way possible, with the well-being of the practitioner in mind…you!

Choi Kwang-Do is a structured, safe and non-competitive system which creates a positive, stress-free learning environment that will help you to grow not only physically, but mentally as well.

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Would You Benefit From Any Of The Following?

When you make the decision to learn Choi Kwang-Do you can look forward to enjoying the following benefits:

  • Learning practical self defence skills in a non-competitive environment
  • Improved muscle tone, strength and endurance
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline
  • Heightened energy levels
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased motivation and focus
  • Improved flexibility and range of joint motion
  • Better co-ordination, posture and balance
  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Meeting new people or enjoying a new activity

Optimum Health

Choi Kwang-Do is scientifically designed to be practical to use, easy to learn, and safe for the human body at any age. Our fun and exciting workouts will challenge your body in a variety of ways so that you maintain a higher level of physical fitness. You will have many opportunities to enhance your strength, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and agility to enable you to lead a happier, healthier and more productive life. This is why Choi Kwang-Do is called 'The Martial Art For Life'.


Self Defence


Choi Kwang-Do is much more that just another way to exercise - our unique training system will enable you to understand and address conflict in a peaceful way. At the same time, the scientific principles behind Choi Kwang-Do will enable you generate explosive power should you ever have to use your physical skills. You will develop the confidence to apply your self defence techniques in a safe, controlled and non-competitive environment. These valuable skills could save your life.


Personal Development


As you start to experience the physical benefits of Choi Kwang-Do, you will also notice improvements in your mental fitness. Imagine how good your life would be if you had more confidence, greater self-discipline or better concentration and focus. Our classes are a great place to start to realise your physical and mental potential.


When you learn how to condition your body and mind in positive ways, you can achieve more and start to change your life!



"Choi Kwang-Do has opened my eyes to enjoying the everyday things in life in a very different and much happier way. It's principles make you appreciate what you do have, how important other people are and how much more there is to learn about yourself. I feel more alive and positive about whatever I do and wherever I go".

Anwar Sardiwalla - Electrical Engineer

"Since starting Choi Kwang-Do I have benefited both physically and mentally. Choi Kwang-Do has increased my confidence and self-awareness in a positive way;   I now feel empowered personally and professionally. Choi Kwang-Do is physically demanding but hugely exhilarating, especially when you finally manage that difficult kick, punch or defence technique. It helps to engender respect, emotional integrity and physical well being, without being ultra competitive. Everyone can progress at their own time in a safe, secure environment. Fab!"

Hilda Browne - Product Manager

A Welcome Message From The Instructor

Hi, my name's Jason Wright and I'd like to say thanks for visiting our website The fact that you're reading this means that you have some interest in finding out more about Choi Kwang Do and how it could help you or your child. The good news is that this website is designed for exactly that reason.

As a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor, my objective is to help as many people as possible enjoy the unique physical and mental benefits that Choi Kwang-Do provides. If you need more information, feel free to browse this site to learn more about the benefits for children and adults, download a free eBook on Choi Kwang Do, read the frequently asked questions and see details of our class location and times. We have martial arts classes for children and adults in Ealing, West London.

If you feel you've read enough, then I invite you to take the next step and experience the benefits for yourself. Click here to take a free, no obligation trial and discover what Choi Kwang-Do can do for you. Don't worry if you're completely new to martial arts - remember that everyone was a beginner once! During your first introductory lesson we'll take the time to understand your individual needs and explain how we can best help you to meet them. So whether you're looking to improve your health and fitness, want to learn self defence, or enjoy a new activity, why not give us a try?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


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Martial arts, health and fitness, self defence classes for children and adults in Ealing, West London